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Supporting conservation
Without a functioning and vibrant tropics, we’re all in trouble.  Ceiba Expeditions does its part by donating

5% of profits to organizations that are doing ground-breaking work.  If you agree with us after checking out these organizations, please consider donating also.  Thanks.

In Panama
Cerro Chucantí Private Cloudforest Reserve, Majé Mountains, western border of Darien Province. 
A mountain-top “island” of cloudforest under threat. 
Several new species have already been discovered including species of frogs, orchids and a tarantula.
Please contact Guido Berguido for more about Cerro Chucantí and details about donations at: 

In Brazil
Fundação Almerinda Malaquias (FAM), Novo Airão, state of Amazonas.
A foundation with a mission of sustainability, education and research.
Please contact Miguel Rocha da Silva for more about FAM and details about donations at:




Our Guides



Edson Sarmento, a Brazilian naturalist and biologist leading nature and rainforest tours in the heart of the Amazon for over 15 years.  He is known for his extraordinary ability of finding rainforest birds and mammals, and for navigating the intricate network of Amazon waterways.  He also specializes in the medicinal properties of Amazon plants and in rainforest survival skills.



Marc van Roosmalen, PhD, a Dutch/Brazilian primatologist and author, with over 30 years of Amazon fieldwork under his belt culminating in one of his recent publications:  Barefoot through the Amazon.  In 2000 Time magazine named Marc one of their “Heroes for the Planet”.  Marc is a leading expert in Amazon ecology and conservation and has discovered five new species of Amazon monkeys, along with several other rainforest animal and plant species new to science.  

Genover (Ito) Santamaria, grew up and lives in the mountains of western Panama and has been an avid birder since his youth.  He is recognized as the birding specialist of western Panama.  With his outstanding by-ear skills and as a birding expert throughout Panama, Ito has led groups for many of the major birding companies, including Victor Emmanuel Nature Tours and Field Guides.
Roberto Medina, a Panamanian birdwatching and naturalist guide, has led birding and natural history tours the length and breadth of Panama for many years.    Roberto has an infectious enthusiasm for his country’s natural history, and with his wide-ranging knowledge of Panama’s biodiversity and ecology, Roberto is one of Panama’s most experienced naturalist guides.

David LemmonPhD, originally from England, completed his doctoral work in ornithology in Venezuela and has run many tours to Panama and Brazil.  He is professor of biology at SUNY Ulster in upstate New York.